Appointment Pricing


 £40 - 45 minutes 

£50 - 60 minutes

£70 - 90 minutes

You will be asked to complete a brief medical questionnaire on your first visit. This is to ensure that an accurate history of any injuries can be established and the most suitable treatment can be applied. You will also need to complete a COVID-19 screening form.


Loose and non-restrictive clothing usually works best. You may be required to remove garments although towelling is provided to remain warm and comfortable.


Please provide 24 hours notice to any cancellations, or a cancellation fee may apply.


Your data will be securely stored in total compliance with GDPR legislation for a period of 7 years for medical and insurance purposes. It will be used only to ensure you receive the best possible treatment and to possibly contact you regarding appointments.


Your data will never be shared with any 3rd party apart from your GP or health professional (if requested) to form part of your medical records. You are entitled to freely view your data and/or withdraw your consent for us to keep your data at any time.